Rehoming female Guinea Pig

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She's a 3-4 year old American Calico Guinea Pig. I'm rehoming her since I don't have the time for her anymore, unfortunately. Her original owner named her "Reece's" but I call her "Caseoh", named after the Twitch streamer. She is very sweet but a little skittish. She comes with 16 metal grid panels for her pen, four 24x18 liners, a strawberry hide, 3 soft blankets(that could also be used as liners), one hay chew(I recently disposed of old/gross ones.), a glass waterer, a traveling cage, the remainder Oxbow hay(Oxbow pellets recommended too but I haven't had access to any.), and the remainder of Kaytee pellets(She's almost out of both hay and pellets). She has a diet of the hay and pellets alongside fruits and veggies. Her nails were never cut before I got her so her front nails are slightly curled, but I clipped them to the best of my ability. I've paid around $80+ for her supplies but I'll just have a !!$50 rehoming fee!!. I would prefer her to be rehomed to someone who already has Guinea Pigs because they need companions of course and to someone who knows how to care for them; I will ask the question on if you know how to care for them properly because I want her to go to a loving home! I will not be answering calls and will only respond to serious texts:)

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